“My own IBM computer.
Imagine that.“

One nice thing about having your own IBM Personal Computer is that it's yours. For your business, your project, your department, your class, your family and, indeed, for yourself.

Of course, you might have thought owning a computer was too expensive. But now you can relax.

The IBM Personal Computer starts at less than $1,600 for a system that, with the addition of one simple device, hooks up to your home TV and uses your audio cassette recorder.

You might also have thought running a computer was too difficult. But you can relax again.


User Memory Display Screen Color/Graphics
16K - 256K bytes* High-resolution Text mode:
Permanent Memory (720h x 350v)* 16 colors*
(ROM) 40K bytes* 80 characters x 25 lines 256 characters and
Microprocessor Upper and lower case symbols in ROM*
High speed, 8088* Green phosphor screen Graphics mode:
Auxillary Memory Diagnostics 4-color resolution:
2 optional internal Power-on self testing* 320h x 200v*
diskette drives, Parity checking* Black & white resolution
5¼", 160K bytes Languages 640h x 200v*
per diskette BASIC, Pascal Simultaneous graphics &
Keyboard Printer text capability*
83 keys, 6ft cord Bidirectional* Communications
attaches to 80 characters/second RS-232-C interface
system unit* 12 ch styles, up to Asynchronious(start/stop)
10 function keys* 132 ch/line* protocol
10-key numeric pad 9 x 9 ch matrix* Up to 9600 bits
Tactile feedback* per second

Getting started is easier than you might think, because IBM has structured the learning process for you. Our literature is in your language, not in “computerese.“ Our software involves you, the system interacts with you as if it was made to - and it was.

That's why you can be running programs in just one day. Maybe even writing your own programs in a matter of weeks.

For ease of use, flexibility and performance, no other personal computer offers as many advanced capabilities. (See the box.)

But what makes the IBM Personal Computer a truly useful tool are software programs selected by IBM's Personal Computer Software Publishing Department. You can have programs in business, professional, word processing, computer language, personal and entertainment categories.

You can see the system and the software in action at any Computer Land" store or Sears Business Systems Center. Or try it out at one of our IBM Product Centers. The IBM Data Processing Division will serve those customers who want to purchase in quantity.

Your IBM Personal Computer. Once you start working with it, you'll discover more than the answers and solutions you seek: you'll discover that getting there is half the fun. Imagine that.

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