The other day in HN land this one took off as a fire storm:

The rise of never-ending job interviews (

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Quite unsurprising to be honest. Many people have been hurt by the unending complexity and choose-your-own-adventure process that is hiring.

And I don’t see it changing any time soon. For one software ate the world, but not everything in the world is so great to be eaten. This means now big time corporate aparatchiks also want a big(ger) piece of the pie and define their careers as crusaders in the software industry.

What we have right now is a process optimizing for hiring desperate people. Talent comes second or third on the list of desired characteristics. The mechanism at play here is the sunk cost fallacy and it has proven to work quite well. It’s main benefit is it works at a subconsious level so even young and extremely smart people can easily fall pray to it. So stay safe kids!

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