Risk of Trouble

Full disclosure: This game is amazing, you should try it. It’s probably on discount on GOG. BUT this is getting out of hand. I was just about to stop playing and then the game unlocked this ninja sword guy and I had to play it all over again. Let’s give it a month and we’ll revisit.

It's Alive!

Packages arrived. I finally have everything I need to start the project. Behold the Raspberry PI Zero! Actually I got panicked a bit since I suddenly realized “Hold on. How do I communicate with this??". Then I remembered my dusty, but still working CP2102 so there we are: Note: btw the white thing below the UART console is the Alcatel from my previous post. This is probably going to turn into a long series of posts so I’m going to come up with a name soon.

Lte Dongle Update

Well that post simply exploded! Never thought so many people would be interested in this topic. The thread is a treasure trove for mobile communications knowledge. Check it out. In other news ordered an Alcatel with “official Linux support”. Let’s see what comes out of it. Updates to come soon.

Lte Dongle

Yesterday I asked about open hardware platforms/products for modems that can connect to 3G/4G netwroks in a dongle format. And what do you know, basically nothing came up hardware-wise. Apparently BIG CORP & CO.™ has an extremely tight grip on the entire affair and everything is riddled with patents and license fees. This saddens me a little since it could’ve helped with an upcoming project, but alas I’ll have to do with one of the ordinary modems on the market right now.